Friday, March 4, 2011

"Despicable ME" Best Scene

I think this video is funny because of the way they laugh and cause they dont worry about the machine that fell hahahaha

provoking pics

toy story 3 the movie

The movie i love is toy story 3. I love this movie because its real real sad i mean like its gonna make you cry omg i almost cried its an emotional movie well thats mi opinion... but yeah i love this movie i would tell you what happens but some people didnt watch it for the people that didnt . needs to watch it its sad im telling you...


Once again I'm writing about her.If you forgot who it is well its my niece Danett the only reason I'm writing about her its because she just had he baptism and here's a picture of her.I HAD TO PUT THIS PICTURE BECAUSE SHE SO DANG CUTE HERE. so yeah that's all I LOVE YOU DANETT.

civil rights

Wow,back in the days it was so horrible white people treated black people like they were crap. I believe that all that was unnecessary black people struggled back in the 1920s. I thank god that now we dont have to go through all that.I thank martin luther king for trying to make peace with black and whites.but like i was saying  that was messed up black people protested and did all that just to make peace with whites and white people didnt appreciate it.

Friday, February 11, 2011


My road is long and black,
its lonely and sad
When somebody walks on it
its starts to smile and laugh
my road is long and black
it sits there waiting
till someone walks pass
It wait and it waits . . . . . . . . .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

i love puppies

Puppies are sooo cute I love them they are so cuddly. My dog is about to have some I cant wait. They better be cute, her stomach is huge cant wait.I LOVE PUPPIES <3

ugh parents!!

I hate when parents tell you what to do. I hate when you HAVE to do it. I dislike chores but I HAVE to do it. I sometimes wish i can boss them around just for a day just one.Or one day without chores without cleaning my room without taking out the trash without cooking. Im just begging for a day.........

Def Jam Poetry

This video is nice because it is saying the truth because when you listen to it you will understand it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Def Jam Poetry - Jamie Foxx

*This video has profanity i choosed this video because it is too funny he always add the shizl at the end of every sentence....


Yes Erika's baby is born her name is Nyelli . She was born January 28,2011 2:13am she is soo cute and cuddly.When you hold her she feels so warm.She sleeps alot ugh I hate that cant wait till shes like two months old.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love Her So Much

This is my beautiful niece Danett she is soooo cute. Ugh i love squeezing her even though she gets mad. She just turned 1 in December. She is a fatty she eats a lot of food her little fat self.  She is learning how to talk it is so funny when she tries. She also be whispering hahahahahaha its too funny. She always coming over my house she is crazy and funny. i crack up when she starts to dance. thats what i love about her. :) <3

whooops have to go time for her nap time

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


YAY THERE IS NO SCHOOL TODAY. I was about to get ready for school but i remembered today was suppose to snow then i looked at the news and its closed yes i was reliefed. Theres not even alot of snow outside hope it snows alot so that we can have a little vacation.